Warehouse/3PL/Storage Question

We are in the process of moving out of our industrial building because my dad is going to retire. The good news is that this will save me probably $85K in overhead that has been a stretch the last year or so. The bad news is that I have to find a solution to receive/store merchandise as well as do most of the shipping myself. I plan to run the business primarily out of my house unless I really start to have a need to get into a small industrial space. My manufacturer in China will take over some prepping that will make this easier on me once it arrives (something I'm paying for in the states right now).

Do any of you use a service that can receive/unload container shipments, stores it, and then ships it to you (or allows pickups) in smaller batches. In a perfect world, shipment comes into their facility, they receive it, palletize/store it, and then I notify them of what I need and they pull it and arrange it for pickup.

I know amazon prep/services exist, but seems like they make their money more on the other parts of the business so not sure if they'd be interested in this arrangement. Or if I'm totally offbase and it's worth that investment in a 3Pl, then let me know.

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