Need software that allows tracking of multiple parcels from different companies.

Hello everybody!

I’ve recently opened my own business. I’m selling different handmade home goods and decor. I’ve started it and started it as a hobby because I was bored during the lockdown. So, after watching a couple of video tutorials, are started to make different stuff myself. I’ve never expected that it will grow into some sort of business.

I’ve started to sell some of the crafted items online on eBay, and I’ve sold them pretty quickly. Usually, it takes me weeks to sell some almost new books on eBay. Well, perhaps people fell for the words Hand Made. So, I’ve started to raft more items, but with some financial interest already. Sooner my friend joined me, and we started to make more and different stuff. We grew into a small company, and we decided to register it to make everything legal.

But, this is not the reason I’m writing here. I would like to ask which software or apps you use to track your parcels?

Well, now we send our goods almost across the entire country, and once we sent it even abroad. So, far we didn’t have had any problems. But, recently, we received a few parcels back. The reason for the return was that the shipping address was incorrect. We contacted customers straight away, but they said that everything was correct, and we even asked them to double-check it. Again, they didn’t receive their orders. We gave them a full refund, but still, they left some negative reviews.

After that case, another story happened. One of the customers didn’t receive his order after a month. We checked with the shipping company, and they say that everything is fine. So, we’ve got another negative review. I dunno, whether it’s someone’s a bad joke or something, but it definitely affects our reputation.

After that, we started to use china ems tracking. But, I was thinking maybe there is some sort of app that is designed specifically for businesses? Something that can automatically notify customers about their order and help both parties to track the shipping?

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