Payment processing for VERY large purchases/orders?

I've been using Stripe/Paypal for regular orders on my eCommerce site. No problem with payout/returns/disputes/etc…

However, the product I'm selling is appealing for large companies to buy in bulk. I've had several companies reach out to me to coordinate single orders whose total would be $30k and above.

I'm trying to protect myself and don't necessary trust Stripe/Paypal with those kinds of funds for a single order. If, for example, a dispute is launched with either company, they may not only refund the purchase but will also not refund their processing fees (which, for an order like that, would be ~$1000)…so I'm looking for a better way to process large orders like that.

Is bank transfer the way? Or wire transfer? Something that can't be easily reversed by a rogue payment processor for whatever reason.

Does anyone have experience with very large payments?

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