People who have moved the bulk of your advertising spend from FB/Insta, where are you putting it?

As a 1 man shop, FB/Insta has been my main revenue source and spend. Google is the other. We are just starting on TikTok and have previously had no luck on Pinterest.

FB/Insta, and even Google are becoming no longer profitable for us. We really just started right before the Pandemic, so I’m sure that helped us grow to about $100k/mo retail, but our marketing efficiency was about 40% of sales for most all of 2020 and it’s been steadily declining to where it’s heading north of 60%.

I haven’t dipped my toe into influencers yet, but the few inbound requests we’ve had hasn’t produced much. We are in the baby space

Tl;dr spending $1k a day and it’s no longer worth it on FB/Insta/Goog. Where are you spending your marketing dollars now?

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