Sales Order – Confirm items with barcode scan

Please can someone help

Im tearing my hair out to find inventory software that will work for our method of sales.

Most of my business is ecommerce based and we have an issue where the wrong items get pulled from the inventory shelves and get sent to the customer when an online order is placed. Most of our product descriptions are diffrent only by one or two letters but can mean the diffrence between a working solution or not. (we sell fiber optic products).

What I would like is software that will allow us to have a sales order created. When the sales order is created the warehouse will on their computer access the sales order to pack the order, in order to complete the sales order he/she must scan the barcode of the item to confirm it is the correct item. Once all items have been scanned then the sales order can be marked complete and can be ready for shipping.

I dont need to integrate with a shipping company as we are not based in the US or the UK so most courier services here are not listed with software solutions.

I also need it to allow for a sales order to be completed for a walk in, same process but instead of shipping it will go to a walk in purchase or collection.

Ideally it would be able to link to Xero and Woocommerce and have an api for external integration with other platforms.

I have tried Zoho and Veeqo as they seemed to tick the boxes.

Zoho – Cant provide scan out feature for packing orders, only when doing inventory managment.

Veeqo – Only will work with US and UK based stores because of the shipping functionality.

Im going crazy as there seems to be a million inventory managment software

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