[Seller’s graphic design tool] Please review my new saas Vivipic for sellers.

Hi, I'm Bruce, the founder & CEO of I've become an entrepreneur for about 10 years. vivipic is my first saas product. Online sellers are our target audience and I need your review and feedback. BTW, how to engage the sellers and make more exposures and growths. Although we're still working on Facebook, Facebook ads seem not to work for us from now on.

Thank you very much.

Vivipic is an online graphic design tool with many pre-made templates designed specifically for online sellers. We offer templates that fit across all platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify, and many more.

We just launched it recently and we would appreciate any feedback or advice you may have. All feature requests are welcome!

Here're our features.

  1. Template center: By simply selecting a business category, tag, or keyword, you can filter results.

🔻 Valentine's templates

🔻 Sports & outdoors templates

🔻 Pet supplies templates

  1. Group design: One design with multiple layouts, such as website banners, square posts, Instagram Story, and more! Exposure to multiple platforms is very important, but it's time-consuming to have all the different design sizes. Vivipic is your solution.

  2. Having different-sized designs in one file: In our editor, you can have multiple sizes of designs in the same file. Now you can manage and edit your designs more easily!

  3. Design resizing made easy: The design can easily be resized into another layout, for example, transforming a Facebook post into a website banner with just a click.

Note: Mobile devices aren't supported yet, only desktops.

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