Are there any “hacks” that can be done to save money on bookkeeping for a general e-commerce business?

So last year I got QBs for the first time and now it's like $80/mo. I am the only employee. Basically buy stuff from a supplier and sell it on different channels. I obviously have a bunch of other expenses and things as well, however I do not look at QBs every single month. I can get a lot of the data I need from JungleScout's profit tracker etc.

I am wondering if I could have the bookkeepers clean up the books once every 3-4 months and only purchase the QBs subscription on an as needed basis. EI I buy it on the 3rd or 4th month, have them clean it up, then cancel it again. Is this possible and can it easily work?

Paying for bookkeepers to constantly clean the books up every month is proving to be really expensive and I'm looking for alternatives. Also, QBs is so expensive as I need the $80 package since I have "inventory" apparently.

Are my ideas any good? Does anyone have any ideas that could help save money with this? Thanks a ton for any help.

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