How to differentiate a product from your competition

I first saw this product on Tik Tok. It's peppermint oil that expands your airways and benefits athletic performance. (It's proven to work by scientists and I've also tried it myself)

There are 2 brands that sell identical products:

This is what I think of it:

  • Great product (I've tried them both)
  • Marketing could definitely be better, both organic and paid
  • They sell the exact same product: the name, product label, website, social media content, branding overall… It's all basically the same.

Here is my question:

How would you differentiate this PRODUCT from the above 2? I know how I would improve the marketing but I don't want to sell the exact same product.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: If you have interesting articles or insights about athletic performance products or sports in general, leave them down below!

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