I failed.

Long story short, some people I know are really good at drawing and I teamed up with them. I created a website called which designs profile pictures for people who have social media or anyone basically.

I tried marketing it using Snapchat ads and I failed terribly. I burnt so much money with not even one sale. A lot of people were swiping up on my ad but no one was making a purchase. I think the website looks good, I think the price is fair. I was on a call with an expert and he said that my prices are too low and I should increase them. Not sure about his advice.

Now, I don't know what to do. I'm just gonna accept the fact I'm terrible at marketing and want to find an affiliate to market it for me. Willing to pay £6 for each sale generated and we can go higher after I've made my initial investment back . If this won't work then I'd be willing to sell the website for basically anything.

I feel like a failed teen entrepreneur (well tbf that's basically what I am) and really thought this website would be a gamechanger for me.

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