I want to start an online headshop. How should I go about it?

I’m completely new to e-commerce. I enjoy smoking weed, and would like to start an online headshop. I thought about ordering in physical inventory, but seen the price to do so, and wanted something that I could do a little bit sooner.

I decided to try dropshipping since I know you don’t have to hold physical inventory, but I ran into a few problems (some with solutions some without).

  1. The shipping time: I decided to start selling rolling trays with popular characters and functionality features in it (scale built in, weed holder in tray etc.) as I think it’d be easier to advertise. I decided to order a few in to test for quality control, but it won’t be here until April. Too. Damn. Long.

How would I go about solving this besides dropping the whole dropshipping idea, or finding an in country supplier?

  1. Limited advertising: I already know Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adsense are not gonna let me advertise on their platforms giving the fact that I’m selling smoking paraphernalia. I planned on using tiktok and influencers to try and gain some traction. All traffic is gonna have to be organic though. It actually seems like a fun challenge.

I don’t mind changing the store from a dropshipping store to an actual store that holds inventory, but it’d take a little bit longer for me to raise money to get the inventory and I’d have a different set of problems to tackle (like how to account for inventory cost, limited products, etc.).

I really want to get this going though, I’m just not 100% sure of how to go about it. This is my first time attempting to start any business of any kind so I’m kinda just moving and learning as I go.

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