Just about to launch new store and would love a review!

I've been using r/ecommerce for lots of help from everyone here for a long time now, but don't want my main account linked to my website URL, so using a dummy account for now.

I'm just about to launch a new store (products will be in my hands in another week and I'll launch shortly after), and it is my very first e-commerce store. Would love any feedback and suggestions you could give! I've turned off the "coming soon" landing page and will keep it off for a couple of days for reviews here, but will have to turn it back on when I setup my payment processing later this week.

Still have a few things to work on (so if you run into something blank, that's why), but nearly there for page content. I haven't even touched the SEO yet, so that's going to be a big job. I'm also not entirely happy with my product page setups – still trying to figure out how to organise them better.


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