Shopify OS 2.0 theme is awesome

There are 4 free 2.0 themes available now and they are all great. Free themes used to be very limited in what they can do compared to paid themes. Not the case anymore.

In fact, I’ve found it can be more customisable than a paid theme. Unless you are going for a specific style or layout, I don’t see the reason to buy a theme right now:

  • Sections everywhere: No.1 game changer. No more custom coding or 3rd party page builder to make an interactive content page.
  • Color options: They even allow gradient now. And you have 2 set of color themes to set. Super handy.
  • Custom HTML section: Previously only possible in paid themes.

Any can make a great site without coding at all now.

That said, please have a hard roast on my new store (build with Craft theme).

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