Don’t Use At The Moment The New Free Themes (Sense, Craft, Crave) – To Many Bugs


I will explain why you should not use at the moment the new free themes – Sense, Craft, Crave.

I used the debut theme before and everything went smoothly. When I saw the new versions' demo mode, I realized the Craft theme will suit my site better.

  1. I found lots of bugs, the pictures in some sections are not located in the center

  2. It's easier to choose background and accent colors, but way harder to play with the given choices all over the website

  3. Shopify released these themes without enough testing, which means that you will be shocked to find things that are not working, tomorrow they will work, in two days they will not, apps you installed will work, two days after they will not. It happened to me all the time.

  4. Crashes – I work 2 times for hours changing code, customize my website when suddenly the Shopify system crashed, all my work got lost, even part of it which I saved, is gone, by Shopify policy they are not covering these issues

  5. Not enough tutorials, not enough knowledge in this community, Reddit communities, and Shopify chat support. Sorry, it's not personal for this community, but you will have a lot of what you will looking for in any place. So you will be stuck and try to figure out on your own what to do – wasting a lot of time and energies

  6. Shopify's developer did a terrible job with the architecture. So now with Shopify 2.0, you can easily pick up sections without using code, but it's a super tiny problem compared to the lack of smart development, you will notice every single time that if you want to do a small thing differently, you can't, so you will need to pay developers to do it. And if you are a developer you will be noticed as I am that the solution is so bad that you will do some "tricks" to make what you want to work, but it will also slow down the website because most of the dev solutions are blocked by these themes' architecture

Hoped that helped

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