I need a price quote calculator that can embed on my site and do what this calculator does!

Hi guys, I need some help finding the best option for my scenario. I have a custom built PHP website (not wordpress, shopify, etc.) and I need to put in a price quote calculator. This is a furniture moving company and the calculator will list a bunch of items like couch, fridge, chair, bed, etc. and next to each item will be a plus and minus sign to adjust quantity of each item. Each item has a set price and adjusting the quantity will add/decrease the price and display it live to the customer. I am looking for something like 123formbuilder where you build it with their drag and drop system and embed it in your site. I am worried that I will probably have to end up having this custom built but let me know if you guys know of any such service!

Below I have typed out what the calculator would look like:


Couch: – 0 +

Fridge: – 2 +

Bed: – 0 +

Chair: – 4 +

Estimated total: $160.00


So the Fridges set price is $60 per unit and the chair is $10 per unit. The customer pressed the + sign twice to add 2 fridges he needs moved and the + sign for the chair 4 times (60 + 60 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10)

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