Influencer rant…

I run a really small clothing store, it's in a pretty specific niche and the pieces are quite unique so I do get quite a few influencer collab requests. Honestly the cost of restocks and fb ads alone are killing me, but I like having UGC just for reposting purposes, so from time to time if I really like a profile I'll offer to gift an item of their choice in exchange for a tagged post.

I realise if you're just gifting an item you shouldn't expect much but when some turn a little greedy it really starts to get on my nerves. For example sending multiple messages about items they want after getting sent the initial piece. If you like the store so much just buy an item? would it be so hard to show actual support or do they just expect an endless stream of freebies. It's insane how persistent some of them are lol.

Of course I can just ignore them but I don't want to burn bridges just like that. I just cant afford to constantly send out pieces for free :/ not to mention some take months to post…

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