No purchases yet, lots of clicks? Switch from tik tok to FB?

So I've ran ads on two products so far and have had 0 conversions so far here are the numbers for the two ads I ran so far on the recent ad:

Impressions: 590

Clicks: 18

Conversions: 3

Added to cart: 2

Reached Checkout: 2

I checked my checkout page nothing I could find that was sketchy or wrong with it. I was considering maybe trying facebook even though the cost is higher.

I've been posting almost daily on tik tok with a few views here and there. Nothing viral yet. Is this because the way I advertise on tik toks? I make my posts similar to an ad advertising the product. Should I make it more like "Hey guys I found this cool product and….. etc." style of video?

I would like to note I haven't been linking the ads to my tik tok page when they click on it it takes them straight to the product page.

I'm not sure if advertising on tik tok is the issue or if switching to Instagram or facebook would make a difference.

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