What platform(s) are best to market product(s) on?

I've never had an e-commerce store but am considering doing something in this area. Looking at all the different options, it's a bit overwhelming to really understand the different platforms available and to understand where is best to market your product.

Let's pretend that product is a chessboard, just as an example. Do you go Amazon? Ebay? Shopify? Do you test the waters with something like Etsy first? I know there's perhaps no black and white answer to this and it may depend on a number of factors, but as someone without experience in this, how do I best go about understanding the best approach? Do you do all of them? I'm wondering why I would go down the Shopify route, which seems perhaps the most straightforward, when I could have a directly much bigger audience on Amazon (I know that the competition would probablty mean low page ranking) ? Or is there a black and white answer? Is the go to place now Shopify?

I just want to understand what makes one better than the other, or not. It would seem potentially quite cumbersome to go via 2/3 channels/platforms, so there must be some determining factors.


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