Double your sales with these SMS marketing tactics

Consumers engage with SMS faster than any other marketing channel. It’s one of the best strategies for online store owners that want to recover abandoned carts and maximize their sales.

Here are some interesting SMS marketing stats:

  • Text campaigns have an average 98% open rate, compared to emails’ 20%
  • In 2020, average SMS conversions increased by 102%
  • SMS marketing has a 295% higher response rate than phone calls
  • 60% of shoppers read a text within five minutes of receiving it
  • The ROI on eCommerce SMS campaigns is far greater than other marketing channels

Here are a few SMS marketing strategies and best practices to help your online store make more sales:

  1. Send automatic abandoned cart reminders to reclaim abandoned sales
  2. Use friendly, conversational language in your messages to make your SMS campaigns sound human
  3. Make it easy to subscribe to your SMS list by adding an SMS opt-in at checkout, placing a popup on your site that offers a 10% discount to SMS subscribers, allowing shoppers to subscribe with a simple SMS shortcode
  4. Use SMS marketing to share occasional discounts to lure shoppers back to make another purchase
  5. Use SMS marketing to send testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content to shoppers who abandon their carts
  6. Don’t use link shorteners like Rather use your SMS marketing providers included link shortener
  7. Limit messages to countries you ship
  8. Always test your messages before finishing their setup
  9. Send personalized SMS messages using customers names – this is easy and has a much greater impact
  10. Always include your brand name in the SMS messages you send. The recipient won’t have your business saved as a contact

Here are two types of SMS messages that work well for eCommerce marketing:

Cart abandonment messages:

Cart abandonment messages can be sent out automatically to shoppers who leave your online store without completing their purchase. You can use these messages to offer discounts or special offers to inspire shoppers to come back and follow through with their purchases. They're an incredibly effective way to win back lost sales.


Campaigns are best to launch a new product, boost an offer like Black Friday, send a dedicated message to your best clients, remind your clients that have bought a long time ago to buy again. These campaigns are done with segmentation (segments could be “US customers”, “Repeat buyers”, “Total lifetime spend over $100”, etc.)

Have you tried SMS marketing for your eCommerce store? Let me know if it’s worked for you. If you haven’t, I highly recommend trying out these strategies.

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