How does buying or creating a domain work? Do you have to have a .com to be successful?

I’m honestly a novice when it comes to online business. I’ve been in business for some time now and love it, but wanting to dip into some online businesses.

Right now I’m looking at creating a general drop shipping store. Yes I’ve heard some great things and terrible things about them, but I feel it’s where I should at least start, instead of continuing to waste time thinking of other ideas.

I’m trying to come up with a good name and it seems like every name I come up with is taken. Even though when I search the website up nothing comes up.

I’m just wondering, does my online store have to be a .com? Some of the names I’ve come up with allow me to use the name, just not .com. Other domains like “.io, .net, .co, etc.” are available. Any tips would be much appreciated!

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