I am looking for a reliable host.

So I have been looking around for a reliable hosting service and there are so many at different price points that I can’t really tell what’s best for me, so I figured I’d come here.

I plan on building a WordPress/WooCommerce store with a theme I purchased awhile ago. I tried using it on my current host (iPage) and the site crashed and was full of issues. I need to move to something more reliable but idk what I need. I’ve looked at a lot of websites, all recommended by someone, but a lot of them are super clear as to what I’m actually getting and how to tell what I actually need. Sure, free SSL and Cloudflare is nice, but if I keep getting site crashes and missing sales because I’m underpowered, then I’m wasting money, just like if I get more than I need. I like the price point of something like sitegrounds woocommerce package (top tier) but it doesn’t really tell me anything useful imo. HostGator is another one I looked at (snappy) but I don’t know what I need from that point either. I’ve contacted 12-13 hosts and all I’ve got in response was vague info and nothing that really answered my questions.

What do you use/recommend and if you don’t mind, can you share a link to your website and let me know what your traffic numbers are? I think that will be the best way to determine what I actually need, unless you have a better way of telling me in a way that I’ll be able to understand. Thanks in advance!

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