What are some of the biggest or smallest technicalities people don’t know about (or forget to do) when starting a business?


I'm a design/mechanical engineer in college and have never started a business. Nor did I know a thing about starting a business just 3 months ago.

I have done a ton of research mainly through youtube (I know it's not the most in-depth place to learn) and only know some main concepts like creating an LLC, applying for a DBA, getting a business license, running as a sole proprietor, getting special licenses to carry inventory/manufacturing, creating/running a website, and bookkeeping.

I want to start my first business but I am very anxious about what else there is I don't know because most of what I learned was from youtube lawyers/entrepreneurs. Is there anything I should watch out for, or any lessons/tips you might have that you learned through experience that could be helpful?

(More specifically for the business model of sampling, manufacturing, then selling, not dropshipping)

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