What’s the quickest and safest way to recieve international funds for selling digital goods and services?

I've recieved funds in my paypal account through my link. The funds are showing in pending. I sell digital goods which will only take 3-4 days to deliver. I'm not sure if this is the safest way as this method has a possibility of me getting ripped off after I deliver.

some context : I'm a web developer working as a freelancer for 4 years. I build websites and do SEO. Untill now, I've been working on and they handled the payment just fine with reasonable charges. A few days ago, one developer (who I only know online) recommend my seo services to his friend. we started discussing on telegram and I sent my link for advance payment.

Fee hours later I've recieved money in my paypal but it's showing "on hold". This is the first time I've tried to sell my services outside of freelancer and I have no idea if this is the right way to recieve funds.

So my question is what's the safest way to recieve international payment?

also can I do something about the "on hold" funds?

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