Big Commerce Sales 101 & 201 Courses

Big Commerce is an amazing headless platform for e-comm retailers, with a slew of advantages over common competitors like Shopify and Magento. Unfortunately, before getting started, you'll need to make your way through their fairly outdated training courses. Fortunately, when it comes time to test your knowledge you can refresh the page to restart the quiz whenever you get an answer wrong — just make sure to deny cookies when you're getting started. However, if you're a busy professional and lack the time to carefully parse through all the answers, you can find the answers to the first two sales course quizzes below:

Best of luck, and happy selling!

Sales 101

1 All of the Above

2 MidMarket

3 True

4 False

5 False

6 Increasing Staff, Increasing Complexity

7 True

8 50%

9 True

10 99.99%

11 All of the Above

12 True

13 All of the Above

14 True

15 True

16 True

17 Standard, Plus, Pro

18 False

19 False

20 The Partner Portal

21 True

22 10M & 20M

23 False

24 True

25 False

26 False

27 True

28 True

29 True

30 Plus Pro Enterprise

Sales 201

1 True

2 Decoupling of a front-end presentation layer with a back-end commerce engine

3 Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

4 True

5 Negotiate

6 Half

7 Prove

8 False

9 True

10 True

11 All of the Above

12 True

13 False

14 Stencil

15 All of the Above

16 Amazon-Focused

17 All of the Above

18 True

19 Google AdWords

20 True

21 Highly Scalable, Robust Integrations, User Friendly

22 All of the Above

23 True

24 True

25 BigCommerce is only concerned with driving sales growth on DTC websites

26 A collaborative, cross functional business unit (whose only metric is driving merchant growth), which advises BigCommerce enterprise clients on near, medium, and long-term incremental GMV opportunities while providing recommendations and deliverables to your clients that make you look good.

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