Review our online shop

Would love to get some feed back on a site I have built with my wife for her online business we are starting up.

We have only been up and running for about 2 weeks and haven't had many sales other than family and friends. I have never built a web site before and not in the marketing business so pretty new to all this and trying to learn the best I can.

I would love any feed back, from the products we have on the site, to the lay out and user friendliness. I have been working on the actual website building and my wife does all the inventory selection and order fulfillment. We don't have any sort of loan and are funding this out of pocket. I feel like we need more inventory at the moment and are trying to slowly build up as we go. We have a long term goal for her to be able to quit her full time job and open her own brick and mortar store in maybe 5 years.

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