I’ve created a product but I have no idea how to sell it

Hey there,

So, the situation is already pretty much described in the title.

The product I created is a herb grinder (the herb mostly being cannabis) – more info here:
I've established that the product works well and I have some positive comments (from friends and a few strangers), so I'm convinced that the market for it exists.

The thing started out purely as a hobby, but now that I want to transition it to a profitable business, I'm kind of lost. I started by listing it on Etsy, but I don't want to constrain myself to that (for example, working directly with shops would be an option). Also, it's worth noting that I'm making the products myself, so my volume capabilities are very low, but I want to grow the business possibly into an actual company.

So, what I'm looking for are suggestions on how to get started or how to get the word out – basically any tips and suggestions will help.

Thanks in advance!

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