Borderline senile boss who doesn’t have the time to input anything

Borderline senile boss who doesn't have the faintest clue or time to help me.

Regardless of our "small business' " success I'm still getting paid a decent amount because he has money to throw away, I'm prepared to make this work, or to go as long as it takes for it to fail as like I say at the end of the day I'm still getting paid decent for doing monkey work + I have other income streams coming (Money isn't an issue currently but if this falls through it will be).

Very TLDR – I'm stuck trying to make a webstore/business successful for an industry I know nothing about, or e-commerce/online business in general.

Key points –

The market : cars, classic cars, car restoration

  1. We have a couple £1000 worth of stock that isn't moving or is trickling out.

  2. Boss is computer & online culture illiterate, he's in his 60's so I can't blame him, which doesn't help with me explaining to him social media and website content.

  3. I have 0 business knowledge, I was brought in to make a website which has since reached a good level, now I'm tasked with marketing, promotion, everything really, order fulfillment, etc

  4. SEO/marketing in a beginner state due to my lack of knowledge, but I'm learning/ fairly ok.

  5. My boss acts before he thinks, he bought £3000+ worth of product because he thought it would sell, he did 0 market evaluation or research, and its just sat in our store room, can't swallow his pride and admit he fucked up.

With my brief research into the bare minimum needed for successful business, I can tell that :

  1. We aren't unique

  2. Products we sell can be bought elsewhere for cheaper and quicker

  3. We have little to no brand exposure we are pretty much non existent, and nothing to set us apart from the market

  4. We have no niche product or something that we offer that you can't get anywhere else.

  5. Very little organic demand for our products, quite a niche market

Lacking organic demand in our field I'm struggling to find anything that we could do or provide, I have scoured market leaders and there isn't much we can do to compete on their scale and ability to buy and stock everything and anything.

As I have no knowledge of business and product design I am lost to say the least.

There isn't much local demand either so it's not as if I can go around knocking doors and get feedback that way.

Organic social social media marketing is ok but promoting products on our socials ends up being a dud, and again Google ads promoting products that people can get elsewhere easier and cheaper is a fools game.

We have plans to go to shows but I don't see that improving things much to a level where there is real sustainable income coming on to the business

I'm open to your knowledge and advice any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Advice other than ride it to the wheels fall off would be great I would like this to be a succses

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