Currently in the midst of building a large furniture store for my portfolio

My end goal is to start a communication agency but before I go acquiring clients I'd like to have something to show first. This led me to the idea of creating a large store with many products, and then basically building a brand so I can show clients what I can do. Here is the site

I am far from done but I’d like some criticism anyways. Been focusing a lot on the product page, product category page and making the site seem trustworthy.

Currently need to:

  • Make the front page basically. Almost none of the buttons work and the text is just placeholder text atm.
  • write more content for pages like FAQ, Returns, Shipping and Contact
  • optimize the whole site for mobile

Would love criticism on:

  • trustworthy-ness
  • the overall style and design
  • usability

After this site, I'd like to do at least 4 more in a way different design. Two of them will be e-commerce and the rest will probably be an agency page and a website for a restaurant. Since this one is for e-commerce I am searching for critique in this subreddit.

Thank you.

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