Shipping integration on a custom webshop

We have developed a custom webshop and the logistic part is usually solved by finding a logistic company that supports API connection. However, the client is most likely to change his provider every few months, and developing an API connection so often would result in huge costs.

However, there are platforms like WeClapp, where you can integrate a lot of shipping providers at once and then use their API to trigger a shipping event. This way, once we implement a WeClapp integration, he can change his shipping provider as much as he wants, but the back-end will still work without any issues.

Since I am not 100% sure that this is the best decision for this end-case, I would like to hear your opinion. Did you experience something similar, since there is no WooCommerce or Shopify back-end in this case to just plug-and-play with those logistic providers? And do you know about something similar to WeClapp that is even a better option for handling those issues?

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