Building customers loyalty through SMS reminders?

Hello everybody!

I’ve just recently started my small business. I know it’s a bit too early to think about it, but I would like to think about specific steps in advance. So, as you can guess already, I’ve created this thread to talk about gaining customers loyalty. Besides, I would like to talk about efficient marketing techniques to gain long-term customer loyalty.

For instance, recently, I came across a service that basically allows you to forward SMS to slack. It made me think of the SMS marketing technique as a general one. The reason for that is nowadays, we see dozens of different ads and promotions. Besides, I’ve read somewhere that we notice only 1-2% out of everything posted. It’s like a drop in the ocean. So, how can a startup become noticeable among sharks of the businesses? Small businesses and startups have to compete somehow with giant retailers.

Before reading about SMS marketing, I seriously considered going through email marketing the old and traditional way. But I need to be honest, at least with myself. I barely open emails that I receive from different stores. Their subject line needs to be outstanding and eye-catching to make me want to open that email. The rest of them I find uninteresting and dull. So, I just deleted them.

Overall I get 80-90 promotional emails daily. So, you know approximately the open ratio of those emails. Besides, some of them became really annoying. I just mark them as spam. But, if this technique doesn’t work on me, why should I even bother myself trying to implement it in my own business?

Don’t you find SMS marketing way more efficient for that purpose? As for me, when I hear an SMS notification, I unconsciously grab my phone and read it. Please note I’m talking mainly about SMS and not other messengers. So, if I send short SMS reminders to my existing customers, will it help me build loyal relationships with my clients?

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