Got a photo of the transaction receipt direct to my shop’s account (using my quick link) to PayPal but no evidence of payment on my account

Sincerely freaking out because my bills are urgently due today and this payment covers all of them. I had a to pause my work due to health reasons and pulled it back together just in time to NOT loose the things I inherited to a storage auction only to come up against this issue. Any advice would be appreciated.

The buyer purchased it through Wells Fargo and the receipt shows the transaction ID. It was paid before midnight last night Pacific Time, I’m in ET and waiting nervously for their call center to open bc the work is slated for today. I’ve got to start it before receiving the funds bc it’s just under 1k, I can’t delay that.

Please forgive my possible lack of clarity I’m just freaking out. Everything was handled and then up in the air.

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