Need reviews on my store/brand, been working on it for a little under a year

I have always been into dropshipping and e-commerce but rather spend 1-2 days working in stores and testing multiple products, I felt it would be more profitable to sell one proven to sell product already and actually create a brand around it. So for the past 8 months I’ve been researching and creating a skincare brand, selling a next-gen facial product. I’m at the point currently where before I get into paid advertising I’m sending out free products to micro influencers in return for review via social media. I currently have 10 otw so my socials and websites will be updated once I get those kind of reviews. However I’m always looking to improve and looking for tips to expand the business/ get more traffic and sales so would appreciate if you guys could share. Should I start paid advertising such as fb ads, google ads, etc?

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