Doing Business as a Canadian for the US Market

Hi everyone,

Very new to dropshipping/e-commerce. A friend of mine is really successful in what he does and is gracious to help me out and mentioned business licenses. I just don’t understand the process as of yet.

For context, I live in the lower mainland in BC, and I understand that I need to apply for a license locally (a municipal business license). However, I want to do the majority of my business for the US market, and my friend mentioned I need to do a W-8BEN-E form for tax exemption.

My questions are: is it as simple as getting the W-8BEN-E form from the IRS site and submitting it upon completion along with any associated fees? And secondly, are there any other steps/licenses required aside from a local and US license?

I am thinking of going this as a sole proprietorship first before moving into a corporate structure later on.

Thank you very much for your input and time.

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