Finding tools to support customer service

Hey guys, I’m Kay from Shulex. Do u face these issues when running an e-commerce business?

  1. Switching pages between e-commerce platforms, social media channels, order details platforms, and many more just to reply to ur customers
  2. Respond to recurring requests and getting frustrated,
  3. Unable to analyze ur customer review/feedbacks/purchase behavior efficiently.

Shulex is exploring a new way to support customer service, and we would LOVE UR HELP! We r reaching out to a small group of e-commerce sellers to “kick the tires” on new software called Shulex-VoC. U can use it to overcome the issues mentioned using our industry best practice and AI-automated solution. We sincerely invite you to be one of our first users. Kindly fill in the link attached if you are interested in joining our pilot program. Thanks!

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