[SHOPIFY][MAGENTO] Moving from Magento2 to Shopify – Advice Wanted

Hi, I was wondering if there are any M2 users that shifted their platform to Shopify. I've found plug-ins to be unreliable on M2, clashing with our theme/breaking.

Primarily I need the plug-ins to not slow down the site too much; types of plug-ins needed will basically include options for customising products in-depth, creating a robust navigation menu, and adding messaging to the site via banners, pop-ups, etc.

Would you say that Shopify is reliable with third party plug-ins or that the support developers offer is decent? And if you have any other comments overall about whether you found Shopify or M2 better for your shop.

tl;dr – Is Shopify a good platform if you're going to need a few plug-ins to get your site where you need it to be.

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