• Recent news from the house of Shopware shows that the German company has made $20 billion in 2021.
  • Additionally, Shopware has made a $100illion profit from the global investment firm Carlyle and global payment firm PayPal.

Shopware dazzles among the e-commerce platform crowd by standing on the pillars of advanced technologies and integrated SEO features.

Since Shopware is the peerless solution for the e-commerce business transformation needs in the digital space, its rapid popularity is inevitable.

  • Slintel reports that Shopware boasts a market share of 0.16% in the global e-commerce market space.
  • Shopware even proudly states that it serves 100,000 customers worldwide.

It is crystal; Shopware development is the best option to push your e-commerce business to a subsequent level.

Once your project gets ripe in your mind, you don’t need to build an in-house team. You can go for a reliable Shopware development company and its developers.

But, before we proceed so fast to how to find the best Shopware development team for your project, let’s dive first into,

  • What Shopware development is
  • How it benefits companies out there


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