Thoughts on setting up a store to rally up some funds for the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Hi Reddit, been reading and hearing a lot about the ongoing Crisis in Ukraine and I’ve just been thinking of ways we could all help.

Anyways I was considering just setting up a online store where I sold a number of Ukraine themed apparel (Ghost of Kiev, Ukrainian flag, original Ukrainian themed art etc) (T-shirts/jumpers/hoodies/Sweaters etc).

And 100% of the profits would be donated to one of the below charities in the link basically where you get to pick when you purchase, where your money goes to and we’ll tally it up on the store front. Plain and simple EVERYTHING – sales numbers and total revenue, cost, shipping will be kept fully transparent to ensure all the money is being donated to the cause of your choice in Ukraine.

So the cost that you pay for on a piece of clothing would just be shipping + cost of manufacture +$2/5 donation to the charity of your choice. All other costs will be absorbed by me.

And for those who are wondering why even start this initiative when you can just directly donate, on that respect I totally agree I think you should 100% directly just donate that would be so much better. But I was thinking for the people who wouldn’t normally go out of their way to donate. This would be an easy progression to showing support and also donating.

Just trying to think of a way to help as best in this dire time for the people of Ukraine – this was the best I could come up with. Any questions or suggestions do let me know or if this is inappropriate as well just do let me know (apologies to anyone if I did offend you that was not my intention.)

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