How do you keep track of inventory?

I’m simplifying inventory management from my personal experience scaling and selling an eCommerce brand.

It’s perfect for founders that have many SKUs, hold inventory, don’t have a budget for enterprise tools and want something easy to set up, reliable, accurate and just works.

I’m looking to validate whether this will work for others, and speak with 10 Sellers about how you currently track your inventory on Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, eBay.

In exchange for your gracious attention & feedback, I'll give you Unlimited Lifetime Access to the inventory management tool (launching next month). If the product turns out to not be a fit for you, I'll send you a $20 Amazon voucher for your time.

If you might be interested in talking to me, please message me here or on Twitter. If you don't wanna talk via video but are curious about the product, I'll post it on Twitter when it's ready for the masses.


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