Why most of the low budget video promotions fails to convert in dropshipping business

As I have been making and testing video ads for my own ecommerce business, helping out my clients also, here are few common reasons why most of the video ad fails badly:

  • The opening scene is not engaging enough, it's the most important part of the video
  • Not trying ad sets with multiple variations or multiple opening scenes
  • Use of too many texts
  • Don't use standard fonts and colors
  • Keep the video slow and drag the video over 50-60 seconds
  • Show Chinese or Asian characters or faces in the video while targeting Europe
  • Bad product
  • Low quality picture or video clips usage

Recently I had many clients who bought low quality 5 USD video ads and most of the ads failed. So, either you learn to make good videos or hire an experienced editor who charges decent amount but do the job properly an guide you to success.

Ask me any questions.

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