How to create video ad creative to get maximum reach

Recently I have been testing a lot of video ads for my ecom store and for my clients as well. Here are some tips which you can follow while making the video ad to get maximum reach:

  • The first 3-5 seconds should showcase how the product can solve a problem or what's the use of this product – show the product in action.
  • Don't put too many texts in the video, video should be self explanatory. You can use key points, half sentences.
  • Use eye pleasing warm colors in background or font, don't use striking colors and too many colors
  • Use standard fonts like Tahoma, Helvetica, Roboto, etc. Don't use fancy italic fonts which are hard to read at first glance.
  • Keep the video fast paced, 30-35 sec are enough most of the case.
  • Make the same video with three different opening scene to test multiple ad sets
  • If the product doesn't have decent quality images and video clips – either you order UGC contents or avoid the product.

Bonus tip: Don't go with $5 video editors. They don't have enough knowledge on ecom industry or dropshipping and hardly they can make a video that will convert. Either make the videos yourself or hire someone who has enough experience in this field and can make your journey smooth.

I wish you all the best.

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