Why are influencers assholes?

Ok so I have a product to advertise that I know would do well on most the influencers I reach out to. 90% of influencers don't reply. And then when I do get a reply 90% will ignore me after I make my offer. Like I am literally offering these guys money to make a temporary post on their stories. It's free money. Who doesn't want free money?

I also get the other influencers that want to charge me something ridiculous like $25,000 even though their page isn't even worth that much if it was sold. And if someone says it's $700 for a 24-hour shout and you try to negotiate them down to $90 for a 3-hour shoutout they'll just ignore you. I'm assuming influencers prey off upper-middle-class kids trying to grow their meme accounts and are ok with spending $700 for a shoutout because their dads gave 'em the money.

Seriously influencers are a real pain in the ass to work with. They always act put out too when you aren't willing to spend $1,000 for a 24-hour shoutout when you only need a 3-4 hour one.

Whoever these influencers do business with is losing money so I don't understand how they justify their prices. Only fools would do business with these kinds of influencers.

Have you guys had similar experiences?

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