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What is Facebook Pixels in Shopify app store ? What is its use ? I came across this app name Wheelio from a YouTuber named Tatiana James who's a 7-figure Amazon FBA Seller. She used this App named Wheelio when she used Shopify to create a website for selling Shapewears. Using this app she used to incentivise her customers or people visiting her website to purchase something from her website by giving Discount offers. She directly used to DM them on Facebook messenger and she cited that using this her message opening rated skyrocketed from 90% to 95% whereas when she used Email Marketing or building Email List then the opening rate used to be 30% to 15%. But when I read or looked up about this app I found this app for building email list or email marketing not what she showed us. Can you recommend me an app on Shopify or some suggestions where instead of Emailing my customers or visitors I can send them new discounts or incentive offers either by SMS or DM them on Messenger? And how with the help of Wheelio we can integrate it with Facebook Messenger like TATIANA JAMES did for her site ?

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