Marketing Advice for Starting Ecom Brand?

Hey everyone,

I'm running my Ecom store for 14 days now and I also tried paid ads to get new people interested in my store but I don't really know what am I doing with marketing, I just watch some videos, read some blogs and then I go and try to create the ads.

I've tried facebook ads but no result yet, I'm thinking that maybe I'm canceling those ads to quickly, I ran 3 Facebook Ads and after 3 days I saw no conversion so I deleted all of them.

Now I'm running Google Shopping Ads and 1 Facebook Ad and I'll try to run it longer this time.

Anyways, I feel like I don't know what am I doing, because I see no results.
Can you give me some advice or plan that I could use? It would be so great, just give me marketing tips for starting Ecom brand.

Thanks in advance!

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