My ecomm store was built on paid FB and Google ads. Where to next?

Hi all – New to the group. Eager to contribute any knowledge I can give on ecommerce!

I run an online packaged food retailer. The pandemic launched us into growth I never would have foreseen. We went from around 10 orders per week to presently at 1,300 orders/week over the course of 20 months. Around 90,000 website sessions per month. Conversion rates averaging at 5 – 6%. Demographic skews women 45+ but we're pretty solid with all demos 35+. Product has broad appeal to the general population.

We run paid ads on Google and Facebook. It's the main driver of traffic. In fact, it's really the ONLY driver presently beyond email remarketing to our list. We want to diversify and drive traffic.

My question is, where would you focus on marketing next? Tiktok, Affiliate Marketing, micro-influencers on Instagram? I've looked into for affiliate marketing and am intrigued.

Any advice would be much appreciated! On the flip side I'm happy to share any tips on growing an ecomm biz from my end.

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