Received a quote for $162k for a website rebuild and e-commerce migration – Our team thinks this is WAY too high. Thoughts?

Our company is searching for a robust e-commerce platform that works for the cannabis industry. We don't work directly with cannabis, we make the equipment that cannabis/hemp facilities use to process their material. It's been tricky.

We're currently using WordPress and Woo, but finding that it's a bit too complicated for our average sales reps. Additionally, we have two stores – one runs off of Ecwid, the other runs off of Woo. We would like to merge everything together under one store/website. We don't currently have an in-house dev to help us.

One of the e-commerce tools proposed a total of $162k + $1,200/month which would include the website redesign and e-commerce migration (we have about 70 products, including accessories) that we would like to migrate over.

They said it would require roughly 100+ hours to develop but would include everything on our wish list. I've met with several WP/Woo developers that have quoted between $15-35k for the same project.

Wondering if anyone has any input – this seems incredibly high. There's no way we can afford it. Their initial consultation estimated about $25k. I'm curious if they're basing the cost on our annual revenue? We have another meeting with them at the end of the week to discuss.

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