I am Virtual Assistant

Hi Guys, I am a well trained V.A of Amazon and I have a team. We are offering the following services with a few tricks proven to be very profitable. (FBM/FBA(Dropshipping)) 1. Product Hunting. 2. Product Listing.
3. Order Management. 4. Tracking of orders. 5. Customer Care. 6. Account Health Management. 7. Maintaining VTR and LSR. 8. Removing Negative Feedback. 9. Maintaining the ODR(Order Defect Rate). 10. Closing A to Z Claims. 11. Refunds. 12. LLC creation and We reinstate Accounts too. We have successfully generated profit for our investors already and looking forward to more Amazon FBM/FBA accounts. We are providing 20- 30% Return ON Investement.Feel free to dm me. Thank you.

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