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I started to listen to the Ecomm Crew podcast recently after hearing about them through My Wife Quit Her Job and Ecommerce Fuel.

They recently had a podcast that they talked about buying for $80K and were planning on launching a site selling knitting supplies. When I first heard the podcast I thought it did seem that they were underestimating the difficulty of getting into this particular niche. Several years ago I was helping a family member build a website for their offline craft business and it's incredibly hard to navigate if you're a total noob, there are too many products, too many preferences, and it's something that is hard to master if you don't have that hands on experience.

Apparently someone in the knitting community got their hands on the podcast and a firestorm erupted in the knitting community. Basically the charge was that 2 "techbros" were coming into a niche, stereotyping the community, and trying to make a quick buck.

I'm not sure what you do at this point if you're them, but I'd probably cut bait and run at this point, but $80K on a domain…holy smokes! It's interesting because it's not uncommon to get into a niche where you're not an expert, but I think the tone of the Podcast must have done them in. Interestingly enough, they are in business with some other ecomm investors on another home goods website and the host kept talking about how he wasn't allowed to talk about it on the podcast….I guess they probably should've kept this one closer to the vest!

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