Getting more meaningful customer reviews + referral sales

I've noticed two problems around customer reviews and refer-a-friend marketing:

  1. positive reviews are good, but getting customers to write meaningful, convincing reviews is harder. These are the testimonials you really want to highlight.

  2. refer-a-friend campaigns necessarily involve customers recommending products to friends, but those endorsements don't get recorded or reused on shops. Seems like a waste.

What do you guys think of adding reviews to the refer-a-friend flow? Lots of shops use a referral widget. How about prompting customers to associate a review with their referral link?

This way their friends (and future customers) will see their recommendation. Anyone who follows a customer's referral link will see that review first.

Bonus: How about offering a small affiliate reward (cash, store credit, or reddit karma equivalent) when new customers buy after reading a particular customer's review? Something extra to make customers put some care into writing quality reviews.


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