If you want to work with an agent, you HAVE TO KNOW.

Hi fellows. As an agent with over 5 years of experience in China, I am willing to share some points with you today to make you clear when it is required to work with an agent, how to work with them and the essentially, how to pick up a qualified agent.

  1. Aliexpress VS Agent

Frequently, the ones with even NO STORE established yet came to ask me whether could be his agent. I always kept smiling to them: to layout their store first, and pick a potential product for testing by purchasing from Aliexpress and later we could talk furthermore. The reason is when you have only a few orders, you cannot achieve the value on cost saving from an agent. The strength on pricing an agent brings is wholesale pricing with big amounts from the suppliers, what’s more, small volume cannot even cover the express fee threshold(routing from the factory to agent site).

In concluded, when you are TESTING, you are suggested to choose buying from Alixpress, and when you begin to have STABLE volume or BIGGER volume, it seems necessary to work with AN AGENT!

But!NO MOQ is still welcomed by us. We are exploring more possibilities on pre-stage customers and cherish the value that they bring.

2.Ship in Bulk or Dropship? What May an Agent Help Out?

Generally, Bulk Shipment and dropshipping are both accessible here with an agent, but to be honest, if you have the demand on shipping in bulk, you could get the more direct pricing from Alibaba seller(agent will earn profits by helping ship in bulk), who are mostly the manufactures in China, and offer personal label service with certain MOQ. It is advised for the mature ones having overseas warehouses or fulfillment center overseas to cope with the things in this way.

However, Alibaba wholesale seller won’t take care of dropshipping at all, that is out of their scope. They are not interested in any dedicated service to C, like dropshipping, photography and video search & creation, customized package, winner recommendation, etc. Oppositely, those are all in agent’s bowl. To a professional agent, the more complicated the requirement is, the happier they will be, because that means they are involved into the deeper business relationship.

About the fulfillment procedure to work with an agent, it shows simply as follow,

Send Pic or Link of the item to Agent–àQuotation–à. Refused. Quote for the other items. /Agreed. Payment via Paypal (or another gateway in late)-à Agent Starts to PurchaseàFulfill the Items-àFeedback the Tracking Codes to Dropshipper/uploading directly if could access to the backend.

Generally speaking, there is no fund risk when you pay via Paypal.

  1. How to Pick A Qualified Agent?

A. IGNORE THE PROFILE: I was using a girl’s picture downloaded from the Inter as my profile on Facebook for long time, but I am extremely serious to my work. I seldomly hunt the dropshipper clients because it is enough to work with the referrals from my old clients. I also know some accompany with professional profile, but they are not professional as they look. Sometimes, we use the other’s profile just because we lack a work photo. That’s all. DON’T LOSE YOUR BUSINESS BY JUDGING A COVER!

B. DON’T TRUST A LIST: Whoever came to ask for a list for recommended is not shrewed. Whoever persuades himself by so-called winner list is stupid. Winning recommendation is a scam.

What if a dropshipper found a winner, he has to try to make the least people know the winner, otherwise it will die soon when everyone sell the same product. A qualified private agent will agree on the rule and never let the leak happen, and ony in this case the benefits will generate consistently. So the REAL WINNERS WON’T BE ON ANY LIST, it’s only in metric reports. Some agents send you the list just because they want to run out of the previous inventory.

C.DON’T TRUST THE TRACKING SITUATION COMPLETELY: Agents only pick the good-behaving ones from huge number of tracking codes. So please don’t rely on it completely, just consider it to be the best the line could behave.

D. DON’T TRUST THE AGENT JUST BECAUSE IT IS FROM A BIG FULFILLMENT COMPANY: There might be benefits on dealing with the hot when you choose big fulfillment company, as big volume shares the cost certainly, while for the minor items(especially winning products), I bet that you won’t want them flow to the company’s ”Winning Item List” in public resources, and in the same time for thus there is no cost saving effect in big company.

Standard working flow is basic in big company management, but it cannot get rid of all of the risk. Previously, my client from C* Fulfillment transferred to me as the big amount rise occurred after the C* shipped out the items, so he experienced big loss. The truth is that it is an item charged by occupied space in fact, but the agent quoted by real weight, so there is a huge difference happened. The agent with no experience failed when facing a little complicated occasions.


E. INVENTORY FOR FREE & 24-48 HRS PROCESSING TIME IS A MUST: when you are satisfied with everything about the agent, don’t forget to inquire the possibility on inventory for free and processing time. When you have stable volume, the inventory and shorter processing time enchance your score on Facebook and shopping experience.

  1. Is Chinese Agent Trustful?

Though the supervision on dropshipping market seems loose, and Chinese agents come from low leveled education mostly. They talk to you even translated by Google Translator, but we have to face the truth is that China has the greatest advantages in manufacturing capacity in worldwide. No one else could give you the best pricing like this.

Talking to them more and more, not limited to the business, and you will find the one having good command of English, also skillful on their work hopefully.

Any questions just msg me, and I would like to help out in the range of abilityJ We are a dedicated dropshipping agent team. We work in one-on-one way, and do things differently. Limited seats left. If you are interested, just msg me.

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