It’s taking me SO long

I have done all the registrations, admin, built a group, got my finished product in stock downstairs in my basement, finally have access to Amazon seller, my fans want what I've got…

And it's been 1.5 months since my product has arrived. I am a full time mom. It GENUINELY feels like it's going to take me 12 years to make my first sale.

I'm throwing together a clickfunnels page just to get my first sale in because I fear losing the momentum more than anything. I started my journey in ecommerce in September 2021 and in Feb I registered my business in my country. I'm titled as CEO. it feels empty since I haven't made a sale. It's just really, really hard while taking care of my child. Anyone else relate?

Edit to include I've been afraid of doing my own ecomm venture for 9 years and have always been some sort of employee.

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