Talking to customers: Is this a good way to get started?

Working on my last project I realized the biggest question you've got to answer is: do paying customers want what I'm building?

That got me thinking about the best way to hear from them and realized social media communities (influencer followings, groups) would be ideal. They're engaged in the specific area, have strong opinions on the subject and would be the most likely buyers.

If there was a survey platform that let you:

  1. get fast access to those communities
  2. ask the most important questions you have to a pretty large sample sizes (1,000+)
  3. get the contact info of interested customers who have strong opinions and want to share

Is that something you'd be willing to pay for and, if so, how much and under what system (recurring, one-time, etc.)?

I'm thinking could be great for e-commerce brands, general market research, testing adjacent markets, checking competitor strengths…

Would love to hear any other thoughts you have too

Just getting a feel for whether this has merit for other companies (very meta I guess)

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